Friday, March 23, 2007

Investing is a PLAN,not a Product/Procedure!

We can hear everywhere,people asking,' I have 100,000,what do you think i shoud invest?'....
To invest,you need to have a plan.
Normally,people wont have a plan,when you ask people who are ready to invest,DO YOU HAVE A PLAN.their answer will be, i dont need a plan ,i just want you to tell me what to invest in.I have capital!
Remember, investment is a plan not a product or procedure.Investment is like vehicles.
There are so many type of vehicles,car,trucks,...?WHY?Have you ever wonder?WHY there are so many types of vehicels?
It is because different types of people and people have different needs.A single person may no need a large 6passenger MPV while a family with 4 kids would need one.So as investment.
Investment have many different investment products.Vehicles bring you from point A to point B so does investment.It bring you from where you are financially to where you want to be ,sometime in the future financially.
Investing is like planning a trip,let say from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi.A car or bicycle will not do.That means that you will need a boat or plane to get across the ocean.Once you reach the land, you can walk,ride a bike,by car, buys .All different type of vehicles.One is not necessarily better than the other.If you have alot of time and really want to see the country,then walking or ridding a bike would be the best.Not only that you will be much healthier at the end of the trip.But if need to be in Langkawi tomorrow,then obviously flying from KL to Langkawi is the best choice.So that you can make it on time.

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cina-ahpek said...

Hi u are giving a good comparison =)