Friday, March 23, 2007

Investing is a PLAN,not a Product/Procedure!

We can hear everywhere,people asking,' I have 100,000,what do you think i shoud invest?'....
To invest,you need to have a plan.
Normally,people wont have a plan,when you ask people who are ready to invest,DO YOU HAVE A PLAN.their answer will be, i dont need a plan ,i just want you to tell me what to invest in.I have capital!
Remember, investment is a plan not a product or procedure.Investment is like vehicles.
There are so many type of vehicles,car,trucks,...?WHY?Have you ever wonder?WHY there are so many types of vehicels?
It is because different types of people and people have different needs.A single person may no need a large 6passenger MPV while a family with 4 kids would need one.So as investment.
Investment have many different investment products.Vehicles bring you from point A to point B so does investment.It bring you from where you are financially to where you want to be ,sometime in the future financially.
Investing is like planning a trip,let say from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi.A car or bicycle will not do.That means that you will need a boat or plane to get across the ocean.Once you reach the land, you can walk,ride a bike,by car, buys .All different type of vehicles.One is not necessarily better than the other.If you have alot of time and really want to see the country,then walking or ridding a bike would be the best.Not only that you will be much healthier at the end of the trip.But if need to be in Langkawi tomorrow,then obviously flying from KL to Langkawi is the best choice.So that you can make it on time.

Power of WORDS!

Power of words is actually very powerful.Did you all realise this?
People always say," It takes money to make money!",this idea it takes money to make money is one of the worst idea there is,especially if a person want more money.Actually,it does not take money to make money.It takes something available to all of us and is alot less experience to obtain than money.In fact in many cases,what it take its free!
Pay attention to the sepcific words RICH and POOR people use.After hear their words, pay attention to the message his words are sending.You will discover that poor people always use the words like ' i will never be rich','i cant afford it','do u think money grow on trees','do u think i'm made of money'.'money is hard to get','i could rather be happy than be rich'
A businessman and investor have their vocabulary.It does not take money to made money,it take WORDS!The difference between a rich person and a poor person is that person's vocabulary.All a person needs to do to become richer is increase his/her financial vocabulary.And the best news is,most words are FREE!
So,if you want to increase your financial success,it begins by increasing the vocabulary in the subject!.It does not take money to made money but it takes a rich person's vocabulary to make money and more importantly keep money!
So by simply listening to others words we can notice people who plan to be poor and people who plan to be rich.
So watch out what you say.It will be very powerful!

Monday, February 12, 2007

My temporary adopted dog SCOBBY!

I love dog so so much...I alwasy say i want to rear a dog.When small i have few dogs,Jane,Bobby but i will only play with them other than play my mom will take care of everything.So i never know the difficulties of taking care of a dog.So i really wish i would have a dog on my own now after start working because feel that they are cute and also can accompany me.So i wish to have one on my own.
Recently,i got to takecare of a Australian Silky Terrier for 4 days.He will stay with me,sleep with me,and play with me.Yesterday i go over to Bandar Utama to take him over.Go over to buy a cage and dog food for him.Wau..the cage is expensive...RM 55 for the small one only.My GOSH...i spend about RM 100 for the cage and food only.
Once i bring him back my home,i bath for him.Without any experience to bath for a dog...i call my mom to ask.Erm...dont wet the dog face first.Wash his body first.So i follow the instruction accordingly.Its not that tough.After that i had to blow his fur till take quite some time.He is shivering after come out from the toilet so i had to dry it asap.After that i really feel tired but he still look cute even though his fur is short!Will look prettier with long fur.
Then dinner time....I put his inside his cage and put the food in for him.Then i go to do my thing.Around 10 min i go over to look at him...MY GOD!he shit inside the ...oh i shout!So i tie him up and bring the cage out the wash....So fast his digestion system..Ok lah assume he is not used to the situation yet so simply shit.Wash his ass and also his leg then let him go into my room.He is so obedient...when i play with him he is so active.When i do my thign he will sit there quitely.Haha..but he is very kepo lah...everytime i wake up he will follow....Haha...
Sleep time...When i want to sleep he keep on want to climb up to my matress.My gosh..i scold him and push him away ask him to slep at his place....So with the innocent look he sleep at 1 corner near the bath room...
Wake up early in the feed him...Put him inside the cage and let him eat then i go to bath.Whe i done everything and come down...MY GOSH...same situation happen.He shit inside teh cage...and step all over the shit...i want to faint.So i bring out the cage and wash it and then wash his leg again.I decide tonight when i feed him i wont put him inside the cage will tie him outside to let him shit....Wau..its so tiring.Maybe because he is not well trained that why this happen.
But are cute SCOBBY......

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What car to buy?

Recently.thinking of buying a car.What car to buy.Wondering whether to buy a 10 years car paying cash of cost less than 10 thousand or buy on loan.Its so headache.Honestl,to buy a car within RM 10k its a bit tough!Because there is not much choice.Only Malaysia Perodua Kancil,for 10 years unit have such price.So its either buying a small n old kancil or buying a car on loan!
Love hyunai getz so much.but after listening to advice to friend who are expert in it,its a CANT buy car.The spare parts of the car is expensive and the depreciation is high.So if i really want to buy that car get ready to sell it at very low price in future.So no choice,had to buy malaysia made car!
Now ,headache on what car to buy.Either buy on loan or buy cash.This is the main issue that wonder me.Really dont feel like paying loan on the car everymonth.Its not worth doing so.i feel!That why!but what my friend told me,dont buy so cheap car scare got alot of problem.
today phone my friend who is quite an expert in buying second hand car.he ask me to do few things!First,have to check the 'geran" of the car,then must check whether the air cond is ok or not so must test /see the car at daytime because if air cond got problem it need quite alot of money to repair it,and lastly have to check when we start engine whether got white smoke or not to make sure the motor oil is running well!
So i had to make up my mind d lah.When i can go to view the car and also what car i should buy!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why i need to buy a house?

Everybody have their own dream house,what type of house is your dream house?

Nowadays,everybody want to buy a house.But before buying a house have you ever consider can u afford to buy a house?If not why are u following the crowds,people buy so you buy.Dont ever buy a property without doing analysis.

Basicly there are two reasons people buying house :
(1) Accomodation
(2) Investment

Different type of house for different purpose.So confirm what is the reason of buying a house before choosing the location and type of property to buy.

So let us go deeper into the considerations that you need to made if you are considering buying a house for accomodation,firstly ask yourself what type of you that you would like to live in?This maybe depending on the area nearby to the train station for commuting to work.Go around to have a look on the area which is suitable to you.Figure out the rental payment for the area of interest.Compare the rental payment and the mortgage payment then only decide whether you should buy or rent the house.

Below are some basic calculations showing how the mortgage of the property:
Rental=1700per month
Down Payment=50000
%Interest Rate(per year)=7%
Total amout of interest=14000( per year)
30yrs of payment=420000(assumption)
Total Mortgage=620000
Payback period(30 yrs)=360months(assumption)
Monthly Payment=1722.22222per month
Maitainence Fee(for apartment or condo only)=0.15per sqf(assumption)
Dimension of yr house=1000sqf(assumption)
Maintainene Fee=150per month

Total Payment per month=1872.22222per month

It shows that the cost for buying a house is close with renting a house.So now you can decide whether you will buy or rent the house.

The housing prices is booming is also due to the situation which is shown above.The cost of buying a house is close with renting a house.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Expect Property Prices to Climb

Cement prices have gone up.Amount of increase varies in the four regions-North,South,East and Central.Ceiling price for central and south region increase around 13% a tonne.While in the North,the price increase about 10%.The highest price increase at eastern region which is around 18%.

So ceiling prices goes up.Does this mean the propertyprice will increase?
According the Real Estate and Housing Developers'Association (Redha) president Ng Seing Liong investors can expect purchases to be more costly in six months or so,adding that the higher cost of construction will eventually be passed on to property buyers except in areas where there is an oversupply.

Predicted property prices increase in the range between 2-3% which is proportional with the rise in cost of construction.

In UK,price increase by nearly 10% over the last 12 months of 2006.Continued demand from existing households combined with a lack of housing for sale could result in further upward pressure on house prices in the early part of 2007. In the absence of any external shocks to knock market sentiment, the demand for housing in 2007 will continue to be influenced by short term expectations over interest rates and the prospects for future house price growth.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Friday again!

Employee are always happy when the weeks come to friday.Because they will have two days rest!This is the feeling of employee!haha...every employee will have the same thinking and i am going to free from this type of feeling soon!Started to feel addicted to internet.After attend the workshop discover alot of thing where we can do in internet.A lot lot of $ we earn from internet too.Now one of my friend already starting to have stable income from internet marketing.Wish him luck always.He will success!
Today working,whole day looking at the drawing!Wah..its dam bored!Have to read through all the description before i write any comments about the drawing.Wah....dam dam bored lah but what to do! I am pay to do so!My boss in at 930 and back around 3pm.Haha...boss usually can be like that lah.But my boss also never think of leaving his job and find his freedom.Because during our annual meeting,he told us that job are secure.If the company at Malaysia is closing up we are alwasy welcome to UK or Norway to work.Haha...i dowan work for so long in this company even though the company is good no office politics,relaxing no stress and my boss wont simply scold people.Everything is good here.But i dont want to work for my whole life.I want financial and time freedom.So i can do my own thing.
So employee wake up!Its time to let go of what you are doing now and explore new thing in life that you can achieve!Chating with one of my close friend who is now study for pilot at SIA.Lastime during university time he hardly study and always PONTENG!Now he had to study very hard because to pass the pilot exam its not so easy!Somemore you really had to be very hardworking to study what it is in the course because what you do later on related with human life if not you will be responsible of it.Now i start wondering why lastime during high school period everybody want to become doctor,lawyer...because our thinking at that moment is only through education we change the status of our life!Lastime i also want to become doctor but my result not so good so end up become engineer!but i feel satisfy because if i become doctor i really dont think i had time for an exposure for all this that i discover recently.